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I am open, honest, freedom-loving, faithful, good-natured, cosy, but sometimes quite prudish, obstinate and vulnerable/sensibel. There are some people who actually say I am some sort of wimp... (maybe I really am), but in general it’s quite simple to get along with me. And if someone wants to fight with me I get out of his way. I like it peaceful and I really dont’ like being in a feud with somebody. Sometimes I like withdrawing myself from everyone but I always come back.
I am a person who is extroverted, but not too much, I like to laugh and be carried away by atmosphere around me. I love to spread a good mood. Carefree but sometimes melancholic I float through life. Sometimes I want to embrace the world, sometimes I just want to hide somewhere. No day is like any other, but I am and I remain myself.

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bdsm, latex, fetish, lesbo, chastity belt, rubber, ponygirl, bondage

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